GSLC and Prof. Sundahl Featured Prominently in Media about Alleged “First Crime in Space”

The Global Space Law Center has been featured prominently in a number of recent print, radio, and television segments regarding the alleged “first crime in space” in reference to the investigations into astronaut Anne Mcclean’s use of the Internet on the ISS to access her ex-spouse’s bank account. In his comments to the media, the Center’s director, Prof. Mark J. Sundahl, cautions against any rush to judgment, but also explains the jurisdictional issues under the law of outer space. Prof. Sundahl points out that although jurisdictional issues are relatively straightforward under both the Outer Space Treaty and the Intergovernmental Agreement that governs the International Space Station, other questions regarding crime in space will become more challenging as humankind moves into space. For example, will we have prisons on Mars?

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