The Global Space Law Center 2024 Annual Symposium: A New Era of Responsibility in Space 

Man-made orbital debris poses the single greatest threat to the sustainable use of Earth’s orbit. Debris places at risk the entire space-based infrastructure on which society has become ever more reliant for everything from communications and navigation to tourism and national security. A series of new developments suggests that the international community is taking bold new steps to eliminate this risk and usher in a new era of responsible behavior in outer space, most notably, the April 2022 U.S. moratorium on kinetic anti-satellite tests which has since garnered the support of many other countries. 

The 2024 Annual Symposium of Cleveland State University’s Global Space Law Center will be held online on the afternoon of April 12, 2024, the UN International Day of Human Spaceflight. This year the Annual Symposium will be dedicated to A New Era of Responsibility in Space: Eliminating the Threat of Orbital Debris. The event will feature key figures from government, industry, and academia to brainstorm about these promising developments and discuss the way forward as we work to prevent orbital pollution from interfering with the peaceful use of outer space. 

Free registration for the event is available here.

For those seeking Ohio CLE credit, 2.5 hours will be available for $60.  


The CSU Global Space Law Center 

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