Congratulations New Members of the GSLC Research Council!

Please join me in congratulating the 2019/20 members of the Global Space Law Center Research Council: Aimee Fanter, Jeffrey Murphy, Stephen Robison, and Kristina Schiavone. 

The Global Space Law Center’s student-staffed Research Council provides critical research support for both international and domestic space law initiatives. The space industry has achieved extraordinary feats in recent years, but the industry also faces extraordinary legal challenges. This year, the Research Council will be working on multiple cutting-edge legal issues including the commercialization of the International Space Station, resource extraction on celestial bodies, suborbital space tourism, and more.  The work of these students will flow directly to NASA and other governmental agencies at home and abroad. This type of hands-on experience is what distinguishes the Global Space Law Center at C|M|LAW. Students begin to alter the legal landscape before they even graduate.

Congratulations Stephen, Kristina, Aimee, and Jeffrey! The future of space law belongs to your generation.

Prof. Mark J. Sundahl, Director of the Global Space Law Center

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