The Global Space Law Center Kicks Off a New Academic Year! 

The Global Space Law Center’s 2023/24 academic year is underway! See the dynamic new video highlighting how students can reach the stars through our new Certificate in Space Law

Here are some recent GSLC highlights and new developments: 

  • We have admitted the first cohort of students pursuing the new Certificate in Space Law at CSU, which is open not only to CSU students but to law students across the country and around the world! 
  • We are proud to announce the four GSLC Research Council members: Justin Daniels-Dawes, Caylan Fazio, Abigail Jones, & Abigail McCoy. 
  • At the 2023 UNCOPUOS plenary and subcommittee meetings, The Article XI Project, of which the GSLC is a co-sponsor, had a significant impact on statements by multiple delegations regarding the importance of information-sharing and the benefits of utilizing the existing Article XI Index maintained by UNOOSA as a means to enhance the sharing of information as we return to the moon.
  • Caylan Fazio ’25 has taken the helm as the new Editor-in-Chief of the STARLAW BlogIf you haven’t already, please take a moment to subscribe! We are also opening the blog to guest authors, so please send your submissions to 
  • The GSLC student-staffed Research Council is working on a number of current space law reform initiatives addressing pressing issues such as the scourge of kinetic anti-satellite weapons, the development of lunar law, and the role of private industry in the evolution of space law. Our team is also researching and writing a history of the Artemis Accords, arguably the most significant recent development in space law. 
  • The GSLC Director, Prof. Mark J. Sundahl, has also been speaking to the media about a variety of hot-button issues, such as the effect of India’s lunar landing on the shape of space law as well as completing recent publications, including a chapter on dispute resolution for space-based transactions in an upcoming book published by Oxford University Press. 


The CSU Global Space Law Center 

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