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Welcome to the StarLaw Blog 

I’m Caylan, and I will be your StarLaw editor-in-chief for this year. I am also a member of the Global Space Law Center Research Council and on the board of the Space Law Society student organization. My personal research interests include FAA launch licensing, the Artemis Accords, and legal solutions to financial issues in the space industry. The StarLaw Blog was my first opportunity to engage with and contribute to space law discussions. Now I am thrilled to facilitate that for you!  

With the support of the Global Space Law Center Director, Dr. Mark Sundahl, and the Research Council, there is plenty in store for this coming year. My goals for this year are to post regularly, provide opportunities and support for students at CSU|Law and beyond, and be a home for facilitating scholarly insight on space law and policy topics. This year the StarLaw Blog will be open to guest submissions, too! There is truly an incredible team of authors and facilitators behind StarLaw. Stay tuned by signing up for our StarLaw emails and follow us @csulaw_gslc on Instagram and @GlobalSpaceLaw on Twitter.  

Submission Guidelines 

The StarLaw Blog offers students and professionals a platform for sharing their scholarship on space law and policy. We publish works that are in accordance with our values, particularly the peaceful use of outer space. Topics can include, but are not limited to, recent space news and its connection with law or policy; legal analysis of space laws and regulations; international law issues related to space; and regulations and policy affecting the space economy. 

The blog welcomes diverse perspectives and topics related to space law. We publish short and long pieces. Read some of our past posts to get an idea of our style. We are happy to post pieces with a denser legal analysis; less than 1,400 words is ideal. We encourage our authors to write in their own tone to best share their voice with our readers.  

Send us your piece for review at Any questions can be directed there, too.  

For Students at CSU|Law and Elsewhere 

If you’re interested in space law and looking for a place to start, the StarLaw Blog is here for you! I am happy to work with you on your submission and encourage you to find your voice in space law. Being part of the StarLaw Blog is a great addition to your resume. Contributions demonstrate writing skills and involvement in space law. Check out our posts and think about what topics you want to learn more about. We hope to connect soon and publish your work!  

By Caylan Fazio


The CSU Global Space Law Center 

The sky is no longer the limit…

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