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Welcome to The StarLaw Blog the official blog of the Global Space Law Center at Cleveland State University’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. The purpose of this blog is to spark conversations about (and find solutions to) the many legal challenges that face a spacefaring world. The blog’s primary author will be Prof. Mark J. Sundahl, the Director of the Center —  but posts will also be written by members of the Center’s Research Council, as well as by special guest contributors.

The rapid evolution of space technology in recent years has disrupted the industry. Reusable rockets. Private human spaceflight. On-orbit satellites servicing. Asteroid mining. Moon bases. Megaconstellations. These innovations are opening the heavens to mankind — but these new activities also challenge the existing norms of law. In some cases, the fabric of space law is being stretched to its breaking point. This blog will explore these disruptions in space law.

The StarLaw Blog will only be successful if YOU participate.  All readers are welcome to share their thoughts in an atmosphere of creative problem solving. Please subscribe to the blog by clicking on the Twitter link below and become a contributing voice!  

I look forward to our conversations and debates.

Mark J. Sundahl

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