The Global Space Law Center Kicks Off the 2020/21 Academic Year

The Global Space Law Center is embarking on an exciting year of activity as we expand our Research Council, unveil our Space Law Research Guide, host a new webinar series, and launch a new year of the STARLAW Blog

Vladimir Mandl: The First Book on Space Law Now Available Online

The GSLC Space Law Research Guide is now showcasing Vladimir Mandl’s seminal 1932 book Das Weltraum-Recht: Ein Problem der Raumfahrt. The Center is fortunate to own one of the few remaining original copies of this groundbreaking work and is honored to share it with the public. The Space Law Research Guide is maintained by C|M|LAW librarian, Laura Ray. If you would like to suggest an addition to the guide, please email your suggestion to

A New Article on Space Resources: Set the Controls for the Heart of the Moon

Mark Sundahl and Jeffrey Murphy’s article Set the Controls for the Heart of the Moon was published in the 2020 Symposium Issue of the Georgia Journal of International & Comparative Law. This article was based on their presentation regarding the regulation of space resource extraction at a conference on The Future of Space Governance held at the University of Georgia School of Law on October 28, 2019. If you are going to read one article on space resources this week, make it this one!

The GSLC Research Council Welcomes Two New Members 

The Center is glad to welcome two new members to the Research Council, Hailey Hillsman ’22 and Hailee Kepchar ’22. The Research Council is now five students strong and has already begun its hands-on work by compiling and organizing the public comments submitted to the Moon Village Association regarding its Draft Principles. This project is one of the more promising space law initiatives at the moment as the MVA opens up the process and platform for developing best practices for sustainable lunar activity.

A New Editor-in-Chief of the STARLAW Blog

The GSLC is proud to announce that Kristina Schiavone ’21 will lead the STARLAW Blogin the coming year as the blog’s new Editor-in-Chief. Kristina is known to everyone around here as the organizer of our March 6 symposium on Returning to the Moon. We’re glad to report that she has now set her sights on blogging. Kristina has a number of creative ideas for spurring conversations on space law across the internet. We wish her the best of luck and ask you all to follow the blog and participate in the conversation!

The Global Space Law Center. The sky is no longer the limit.

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