The Global Space Law Center Kicks Off a New Academic Year

The Global Space Law Center’s 2022/23 academic year is off to an exciting start! 

Here are some recent highlights and new developments:

Also in the news…

  • Stephen Robison, CSU alum, former GSLC Research Council member, and currently an associate at McDonald Hopkins, has been appointed Co-Lead Counsel of the Space Generation Advisory Council. The SGAC was conceived at the United Nations in 1999 to support UN space initiatives and to develop young space professionals for careers in government, industry, and academia. We are proud of Stephen!
  • The GSLC was featured in a recent interview with its Director, Prof. Mark J. Sundahl, by FARSIGHT, a quarterly journal published by the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. The forthcoming article will focus on the geopolitical dimensions of space law.
  • Prof. Sundahl delivered the June SES/RESCOM Launch Law Lecture at the invitation of the University of Luxembourg where he spoke on Regulatory & Policy Aspects of Space Launching Activities in the United States

The Global Space Law Center. The sky is no longer the limit…

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