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Global Space Law Center

Orbital Reef interior conception.


The 2023 Global Space Law Center Symposium

Law & Policy Issues in the New Orbital Economy

April 12, 2023

 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST

Online via Zoom

As private industry takes the lead in the use of Earth’s orbits, entirely new sectors of the orbital economy are emerging. The coming years will see the development of private space stations, on-orbit repair and refueling, orbital tourism, and an increasing number of megaconstellations. On April 12, five moderated panels will be held over four hours on the law and policy issues stemming from the orbital revolution:

Space Traffic Management

Orbital Human Spaceflight & Private Space Stations

Rendezvous and Proximity Operations

Orbital Debris, ASAT Tests & Decommissioning Satellites

Liability, Insurance & Dispute Resolution

Don’t miss this dynamic and eye-opening conversation with 20 thought-leaders in the new orbital economy! 

Visit the symposium website for more information to register (for free) and to earn CLE credit (4-hour or 2-hour value-laden options).


The CSU Global Space Law Center 

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